Good Chance may be the only chance they have

…between the British-funded razor-wire fences on one side and the French riot police on the other, these two governments have turned the Jungle into a vacuum of their own moral authority. The only thing currently filling that vacuum are the volunteer organisations that have popped up, at the heart of which sits the theatre. For many of the camp’s residents, Good Chance may be the only chance they have.

A great article discussing the efficacy of contemporary applied theatre practice – well actually it reads more like an advert…but still – VERY interesting


What is the Jungle: The jungle’ is the name of an ad hoc encampment of about 6,000 people who have made trans-continental journeys from their home country for a wide array of reasons. There are people here from countries all across the Middle East and Africa, including Sudan, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Morocco, Egypt, Eritrea, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nigeria and more. There are many languages spoken in the camp, and many cultures, situations and stories present.

Company aims:

What is Good Chance Calais?

Our aim is to provide a safe, warm and welcoming space for people to express themselves and their situations in the Jungle in Calais.

We have been up and running since October 29th and will stay for as long as the space is needed by the people here.

We work hard to deliver a full and surprising programme of theatre, art and music events, and are planning residencies by visiting companies from around the world all through winter.

We believe expression is a basic human right for all. In a situation as terrible as this, it is essential.


About La (Paula) Mor

La (Paula) Mór is a theatre teacher and director. She has taught and directed in the UK and internationally for 20+ years, both at Secondary and University level. La is currently working on Jeju Island in South Korea at Branksome Hall Asia where she develops original, contemporary theatre with her students and continues research into the applications of the Viewpoints in Theatre Education. La has been trained in Anne Bogart's 9 Viewpoints by SITI Theatre Company and Zen Zen Zo and delivers international Viewpoints training to young people, undergraduates, performers and lecturers. Academic background: BA(Hons) Bristol University; PGCE Leeds University; MA Applied Theatre, Central School of Speech and Drama.

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