Lighting’s gone more digital – obviously

Techniques such as light or pixel mapping are all the rage – see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Basic tutorial

Some useful examples here:

How does pixel mapping work?

Pixel Mapping isn’t projecting media content using a projector and firing it from the lighting console. The main brief of mapping is to turn your array of “simple” fixtures into a giant telly. The “screen” doesn’t have to be rectangular or even one complete surface – using pixel mapping, you could create some great effects with a long single strip of RGB LEDS or play a huge image across a number of different elements.

The pixel mapper treats each fixture as an individual pixel and sends the correct information (usually colour and intensity) to the array: This article also explains how you can pixel map on a budget.

See this blog for a response to a recent symposium: #lightmapping





About La (Paula) Mor

La (Paula) Mór is a theatre teacher and director. She has taught and directed in the UK and internationally for 20+ years, both at Secondary and University level. La is currently working on Jeju Island in South Korea at Branksome Hall Asia where she develops original, contemporary theatre with her students and continues research into the applications of the Viewpoints in Theatre Education. La has been trained in Anne Bogart's 9 Viewpoints by SITI Theatre Company and Zen Zen Zo and delivers international Viewpoints training to young people, undergraduates, performers and lecturers. Academic background: BA(Hons) Bristol University; PGCE Leeds University; MA Applied Theatre, Central School of Speech and Drama.

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