Theatre of the Oppressed, Augusto Boal & examples of work by other Applied Theatre Companies/Practitioners

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Companies and Practitioners

Clean Break – Theatre in Prisions

Theatre with/for the homeless Cardboard Citizens is the UK’s only homeless people’s professional theatre company and the leading practitioner of Forum Theatre in the UK. They work with people who have experience of, or who are at risk of, becoming homeless.

Cardboard Citizens was founded in 1991 by Adrian Jackson, as a London Bubble project. For the first four years it toured Forum Theatre by homeless people to other homeless people throughout the UK, performing in hostels, day centres, arches, the street and conference centres.

After Cardboard Citizens became an independent entity in 1995, the company broadened out into schools touring, as well as regular workshops, theatre visits, and large-scale site-specific collaborations. It is now a recognised contributor to the London theatre scene, providing opportunities for cultural explorations to homeless people – all without compromising its integrity and its allegiance to the oppressed.

Theatre & Disability – Mind The Gap

Mind the Gap was formed in 1988 by current Artistic Director Tim Wheeler and Susan Brown. Based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, it has grown into England’s largest learning-disability theatre company that creates work for UK and international audiences.

The company exists to make great theatre that makes audiences think differently.

Mind the Gap brings together learning-disabled and non-disabled artists so that they can share and exchange ideas, skills and experience. The talents of learning-disabled artists are nurtured through formal training and live work experience. Through a partnership approach we create work for different audiences that is exciting, refreshing, sometimes a bit cheeky, and always original.

MtG and SFX pdf

Theatre versus Oppression is an international group of individuals assembled without regard to race, gender, sexual orientation or physical limitation. It is a collective of educators, counsellors, theatre workers and artists working with theories of dramatherapy, counselling and the theories of Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed. To this end the organization works with educational establishments, health care workers, governments and international human rights organizations, as well as individuals to develop training and provide support for specific situations. Interactive theatre & the arts in general are used as a tool to organise, analyse and explore resolutions to situations and alternative approaches. Theatre versus oppression challenges discrimination and injustice at any level and aims to develop communities who help to create a better and more peaceful living environment through intercultural understanding and respect.

We seek to integrate the cultural arts into communities and as a way of creating community. In this way we aim to aid individuals and organizations in their efforts to activate and animate their communities empowering people to take an active role as functioning members of their communities. We offer alternatives for those who wish to discover non-violent ways of making social change and affecting social justice. By so doing we interpose art, artists and peacemakers between individuals and groups who are engaged in conflict be it personal/social/political.


About La (Paula) Mor

La (Paula) Mór is a theatre teacher and director. She has taught and directed in the UK and internationally for 20+ years, both at Secondary and University level. La is currently working on Jeju Island in South Korea at Branksome Hall Asia where she develops original, contemporary theatre with her students and continues research into the applications of the Viewpoints in Theatre Education. La has been trained in Anne Bogart's 9 Viewpoints by SITI Theatre Company and Zen Zen Zo and delivers international Viewpoints training to young people, undergraduates, performers and lecturers. Academic background: BA(Hons) Bristol University; PGCE Leeds University; MA Applied Theatre, Central School of Speech and Drama.

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