So – we are doing Los Suicidas by Lola Arias – Documentary Theatre

So – we are doing Los Suicidas, a piece Documentary Theatre


by Lola Arias

based on

Your research starts here and now

She asks us to look at her work for inspiration and the work of

‘FML’ by Pol Heyvaert –

For “Ciudades Paralelas”, Lola Arias and Stefan Kaegi invited artists to devise interventions in public spaces. As observation stations for situations, eight projects make stages out of public spaces used every day, and seduce the viewers into staying inside that space long enough for their perception to change: Plays that make you subjectively experience places built for anonymous crowds. I went to this piece in Lisbon

Rimini Protokoll –

Vivarium Studio Philippe Quesne –

Forced Entertainment

Jerome Bel –

Federico Leon –,

Mariano Pensotti – 

Gerardo Naumann

Vivi Tellas –

Xavier Leroy

Roger Bernat

Rabih Mroné

Cuqui Jerez –

True to the meaning of verbatim, editors Will Hammond and Dan Steward have put together a volume of firsthand accounts about making theater from found or recorded words. Here are the foremost practitioners of verbatim theater in Britain–in their own words: Robin Soans, David Hare, Max Stafford-Clark, Alecky Blythe, Richard Norton-Taylor, and Nicolas Kent. The editors introduce Verbatim Verbatim: Contemporary Documentary Theatre by defining “verbatim” as a technique, rather than a form, in which the words of “real people,” either spoken or drawn from existing records, are used to create the “dramatic presentation.”

“Description: Theatre practitioners have been engaged with putting real life in various forms on stage since at least the beginning of the twentieth century. In the twenty-first century, theatre of the real embraces the contradictions of staging the real within the frame of the fictional while questioning the relationship between facts and truth. With the globalization of theatre through touring and travel, an international community of scholars and artists have created an astounding range of unique works that when brought together compose a fascinating look at the means through which we understand ourselves today.

About La Mor

La Mór has taught and directed theatre in the UK and internationally for 25 years, both at Secondary and University level. La is currently working on Jeju Island in South Korea at Branksome Hall Asia where they develop original, contemporary theatre with students and continues research into leading for learning. La has been trained in Anne Bogart's 9 Viewpoints by SITI Theatre Company and Zen Zen Zo and also delivers Viewpoints training to young people, undergraduates, performers, and lecturers internationally. Academic background: BA(Hons) Bristol University; PGCE Leeds University; MA Applied Theatre, Central School of Speech and Drama, currently studying for a Masters in Educational Leadership and Management with Bath University.

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