YOU SAW THIS – The Select (The Sun Also Rises)

An 8 hour word4word version of Gatsby – GATZ

EMMA BROCKES: Gatz: The greater Gatsby

A performance of every word of F Scott Fitzgerald’s jazz era classic, Gatz lasts a marathon eight hours (with a break for dinner). How do the actors manage it?

On paper it looks like punishment: an eight-hour stage production (albeit with a dinner break) during which the entirety of a novel (albeit The Great Gatsby) is read aloud and the scene shifts, inexplicably, between a 1980s office setting and the jazz era of the original. I go to see Gatz at a theatre in downtown Manhattan, as you might visit a disagreeable relative: expecting discomfort and boredom, but feeling virtuous for making the effort. As the lights go down, virtue gives way to dread. Read more…

Billington’s **** review…

…I have spent much of my life attacking adaptations. But the glory of this show, created and performed by New York’s Elevator Repair Service, is that it is no cut-and-paste job but a complete rendering of Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Spanning eight hours, it preserves the haunting rhythms of Fitzgerald’s prose and sustains his narrative dynamic. It’s not flawless but it’s memorable.

Zeitgeist or what!!

Endurance performances: Why length matters in the theatre

The idea of the epic theatre marathon isn’t new – but it raises fascinating questions about how much an audience is prepared to put up with

About La (Paula) Mor

La (Paula) Mór is a theatre teacher and director. She has taught and directed in the UK and internationally for 20+ years, both at Secondary and University level. La is currently working on Jeju Island in South Korea at Branksome Hall Asia where she develops original, contemporary theatre with her students and continues research into the applications of the Viewpoints in Theatre Education. La has been trained in Anne Bogart's 9 Viewpoints by SITI Theatre Company and Zen Zen Zo and delivers international Viewpoints training to young people, undergraduates, performers and lecturers. Academic background: BA(Hons) Bristol University; PGCE Leeds University; MA Applied Theatre, Central School of Speech and Drama.

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