The personal is political is performance.

Costume for protest. Twitter source.

Celebrating international women’s day with this woman.

I recently hung up my theatre teacher’s hat for a leadership role in Kyiv, Ukraine. I was relocated to my country of origin on Feb 14th, but my heart is still in Ukraine. My home is there, some of my children and colleagues are there, and I hang on to hope – hoping against all hope that peace returns to this beautiful country.

If you want to do more than hope – see these links collated by my school PSI, Kyiv:

And this ART for PEACE project.

Poem: Contra Spem Spero!  (Against all hope, I hope) by Lesya Ukrainka

With love and peace x

A great episode from this podcast

Lots of super interesting stuff in this episode on how CoVid 19 has exercised us creatively and digitally.

Since March this year – 2020 – venues have been black. Performers and live audiences are separated by COVID-19. Had it lasted a week, maybe two, things might not have changed. But as with the rest of our lives, technology has had to step in to give a lifeline to those who make their living from live performance. Aleks asks whether streaming online commodifies and commercialises artists and cultural scenes by turning what they do into just more online content? Or will streaming, together with limitations, promote greater creativity from the re- imagining of performance through the use of technology, to engage and reach audiences?

Theatre online and free stuff – Covid-19

Be a learner

Great short Butoh documentary:

Pina Bausch documentary

Drama Online by Bloomsbury – usual prices for international schools:

Free access to some of their collection until the end of April
U: distance
P: learning

Mask exercises from VAMOS

Be an audience

Hottest front-room seats: the best theatre and dance to watch online:

MARQUEE TV are offering 30 days for free


Tomorrow March 23rd 8pm:


Europeans – The Guardian and Headlong theatre company’s joint project

Wooster group – show available until the end of the month

Friday March 27th

Link (18+)


More SHOWS listed here:

Be involved

Join here

Let your sitting room be your stage. Your kitchen be your props store. Unclip your imagination and join our creative club.



Be a maker

Stage Design on Netflix


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Wash hands!!

Know anyone in NYC?

Looking for an audience for this – April 23-27 2019

I am reaching out to you because I am taking 12 girls to perform in New York for a week staring April 22nd, but we encountered a last minute emergency with our visit. Our original host has just cancelled the main event we were due to perform at due to the ill-health of one of the presenters. Our visas, flights and accommodation are already arranged, booked and paid for, so we are now looking for a last minute audience/s.

Can you, or anyone you know or are connected to, help us? We are now urgently seeking alternative performance/sharing opportunities. 
Our students have worked so hard on this project for over a year, the performance of the whole show that they gave in December blew the audience away. These New York 30min performed presentations are a chance for them to share their achievement and the themes of the musical with the international audience it was intended for.

The story contains a strong feminist theme, promotes central messages of leadership, philanthropy and service, has a message of global healing and has been inspired by a Korean female historical figure from Jeju Island.
We are looking for audiences and spaces. In terms of venue, we don’t need much in terms of space or technical bits and pieces.

We’ve got 12 girls performing songs and limited movement to a sound track – any kind of presentation space would work. If we had a stage it would need to be at least 6×4. Half decent acoustics would be a bonus.

Project’s site:

Here’s hoping.

I thought this was just an Artaudian dream

Until now!

One of my students just reviewed this show in her mock Director’s Notebook…

A Dream Like A Dream is an 8-hour Chinese contemporary theatre play written and directed by acclaimed director Stan Lai which has been described by the BBC as “probably the best Chinese language playwright and director in the world.”


...the theatre setup is the “Lotus Pond” seating arrangement, where the audience is able to rotate their seats 360 degrees viewing the play from different angles surrounded by the two-storey high stage.

Screenshot 2019-03-17 at 11.43.36.png


Screenshot 2019-03-17 at 11.46.21.png

Image found on the link to the interview below:

Interview with Stan Lai (Lai Shengchuan): Director and Playwright




Actioning is the process of allocating an action or intention to each line or idea in a script.

The action is described with a transitive verb – this is a verb that is “done to” someone else, such as “teases” or “threatens” or “distracts”. It helps actors to decide and convey clearly what their character is trying to “do” with each line to the person or people it is spoken to. Perhaps they are trying to shock; to reassure; to intrigue; to seduce; to amuse.

The technique can be used in regular dialogue or even when the audience is being addressed directly. As well as giving actors a clarity of purpose for every line, it is also a useful tool for keeping a performance consistent over the course of a long run.

Out of Joint’s director Max Stafford-Clark is associated with the technique, having used it and popularised it for 30 years.

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 13.29.39

The app!!!

FYI: #Metoo

Watch Périclès – Streamed live April 19th

Périclès, Prince de Tyr to be screened on 19 April

17th Jan 2018 3:08pm

Following the successful screenings of The Winter’s Tale, Measure for Measure and Ubu Roi, Cheek by Jowl will screen Périclès, Prince de Tyr live from the Barbican Centre on 19 April 2018 at 7.30pm. The production will open at the Barbican on 9 April, with previews from 6 April, and runs until 21 April ahead of performances at the Oxford Playhouse from 24 – 28 April.

This will be the third Shakespeare live stream from the company and the second in French-language (subtitled in English), and will be available from the Cheek by Jowl website. The production will also be streamed via Facebook Live on the Cheek by Jowl Facebook page.

Theatre and ToK?

It struck me that this cheeky chap was using theatrical aspects to convince his audience to believe in his imagined world.

A clever use of set, sfx, props, trained animals & actors to manipulate sense perception to ‘make real’ something that didn’t actually exist.

Is this immersive theatre?


I also wondered about where his performative awareness came from…turns out he’s a bit of an actor/musician: